Performance management matters. To stay competitive, small businesses need to make sure every employee is engaged and working toward strategic priorities. But even the most talented, motivated employees can find it difficult to focus their efforts and sustain peak productivity without specific, measurable performance goals. Plus, some employees may need specific credentials or valid professional licenses to carry out mission-critical business functions. But tracking who has what credentials and licenses — and when they expire — is a time-consuming job.

Performance Management

Set specific, measurable goals for all your employees as you develop and execute individual performance plans. The performance management module helps you make sure that your employees are producing the results you need – and that your resources are focused on activities and tasks that contribute to achieving your company’s strategic goals.

  • Create libraries of job-specific performance factors and goals that align with your business objectives as well as your expectations for employee performance. 
  • Create different types of performance plans: probationary, performance improvement or annual. 
  • Define plan cycles, frequencies, review methods and rating schemes.