Human Resource Management

Automating the many processes surrounding human resource management and human capital management enables you and your staff to become more efficient and effective and focus on your organization’s core competencies. Whether your needs are to reduce the manual workload, empower your managers and employees through self service options, or more effectively manage your human capital, corp values ’s suite of HR services can help. Read More…

Talent Management Solutions

Background Screening and Pre-Employment Services assist with; sourcing, attracting, developing and employee retention lifecycle
Reduce your company’s exposure to potentially incompatible hires
Position your company for growth through strategic hiring practices
Read More…


Tax & Compliance Solutions

Staying current on constantly changing tax and unemployment laws and regulations, meeting strict government deadlines, and avoiding costly fines and penalties can be an administrative burden for a company of any size.


Performance Management

Performance management matters. To stay competitive, small businesses need to make sure every employee is engaged and working toward strategic priorities. But even the most talented, motivated employees can find it difficult to …


Payroll Services

CORP VALUES provides flexible payroll services that improve payroll management for employers of small, medium, or large businesses. CORP.VALUES payroll solutions streamline your payroll process, improve productivity and simplify administration.


Standalone Services

From hire to retire, CORP.VALUES provides the solutions your company needs to staff, manage, pay and retain high-quality employees. Our specialized solutions work synergistically to help you manage costs, gain competitive advantage…

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Corp Values has signed a MOU with Contacts-Plus

20-02-2014, Comments 1

Corp Values has signed a MOU with Contacts – plus the solo authorized agency in middle ...


Corp Values has signed MOU

11-01-2014, Comments 0

Corp Values has signed MOU with Contacts – plus the solo authorized agency in middle East ...


How we can help ?

  • we drive our project from A to Z ; that leads to share the responsibility as a business partner not just a service supplier.
  • one stop comprehensive solutions will avoid a contradictory decision and lose resources .
  • we do not have clients , we have success partners .
  • we are deploying high technological level .
  • we are providing a very flexible and customizable solutions .
  • we are not alone , we are a group of professional firms in which you can utilize based on your needs.
  • we are dealing with multinational companies and large local companies , standards & workflows always in place .
  • we have the “KNOW HOW” of solutions of all customers & corporate demands (except the technical solutions )
  • Capability to go aggressively as business needs

Corp Values is offering a comprehensive solutions to the clients , with corp. values our clients do not need other third party as a result of a wide range of services that we can provide. Read More…

providing corporate with the highest standard to fulfill its needs with efficient financial model
creating a multi dimension relationships with our partners

Deploying our methodology to all our partners and meet theirs potential growth
Being in the short listed companies in Egypt
Maintaining the successful financial model which we are utilizing with our group and with our partners

Passion: everything we do, we do with enthusiasm
Accountability: everything we do, we do responsibly
Teamwork: everything we do, we do together
Quality: everything we do, we do with excellence
Customer Care: everything we do, we do with customers at heart
Technology : is backbone of success.

We at CORP.VALUES commit to provide reliable services to our customers by:
  • Proactively understanding their requirements
  • Continually enhancing employee skills, achieving process excellence and utilizing relevant technology
  • Communicating our goals and objectives to every employee.


Corp values Partners – A Strategy for Success .Corp values seeks and negotiates partnerships with best-of-breed organizations to bring added value to our joint clients and to increase operating efficiencies. CORP.VALUES’s Channel Alliance program partners with various types of companies to best address the needs of specific industries. Each partnership is created for synergy, value and new levels of success.Read More…